More and more people are seeking the benefits provided by mediation.  In a typical mediation session, the parents or parties meet with a mediator.  The job of the mediator is to help the people look at their issues with a new perspective.  Many people involved in lawsuits have similar goals for positive and lasting outcomes.  Because of the structure of the legal system, parties sometimes lose sight of those common goals.  The mediator brings the issues back into focus.  In mediation, there is no public disclosure of awkward or damaging comments, the costs are much lower than those spent in trial and, unlike in trial, the persons most affected are making the decisions that they would normally empower the judge to make.  In a time of rapidly increasing trial costs and a court system with overwhelming case loads, mediation becomes a much sought-after process.

Mr. Kuny is a certified mediator. His credentials are burnished by years of experience and a practical theory and application course of study at the university level.  Mr. Kuny is a favorite of many Jackson County attorneys.  He is appointed by all family law judges as a mediator.  His record is exemplary in assisting people to deal with their most complicated and private issues.

Mediation may be established in a number of ways.  If both parties are willing to engage in the two-hour session, they simply need to phone the office so the session can be set.

If the parents or parties are represented by legal counsel, prior to the Case Management Conference held in Jackson County cases, they simply need to ask their attorney to have the judge appoint Mr.  Kuny.